The Benefits of Commercial & Industrial LED Lighting

Many Fixture Options

From spotlights to accent lights; light strips to ceiling lights, LED lights come in a variety of fixtures to meet every lighting need.


LED lights can reliably last over 50,000 hours in commercial and industrial settings, even in extreme temperatures, such as hot factories or cold freezers.


LED lights need less energy to produce the same amount as traditional lighting solutions.

Less Heat

LED lights produce significantly less heat than traditional lighting solutions making it easier for your HVAC to maintain a consistent temperature.

Superior Color

LED lights can produce nearly the same spectrum of colors as natural sunlight without the UV radiation that fades furniture and displays over time.

Color Options

LED lights help you create the right ambiance. From warm & welcoming to bright & crisp, LED lights allow you to dial in the exact light you need.

No Ballast

LED lights don’t require ballast. Without ballast, there is less equipment that needs to be maintained and fewer points of failure in your lighting system.

No Noise

LED lights don’t buzz or hum the same way some HID lights will after being left on for extended periods of time.

Many Fixture Options

LED light reach peak brightness almost instantly, and in the event they lose power, they don’t need 10 to 15 minutes to return to service.

Go Green

LED lights can be part of your company’s “green” strategy. With more customers looking to do business with “green” companies, going green is good for the bottom line.



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