What is Lighting Color Temperature?

Color temperature is away lighting professionals quantify the color of light produced by a light bulb. When Thomas Edison produced the first light bulb over 140 years ago the bulb’s glow was a warm white light closer to that of a candle than the crisp white light produced by the sun. Today, lights come in a wide variety of colors, with LED lights, in particular, offering the most variety.


Quantify the color of light produced by a bulb light is measured in degrees of Kelvin on a scale from 1000 to 10,000.

The ambiance created by lights at the lower end of the scale is considered cozy, calm, and inviting. This lighting is ideal for making people feel relaxed and welcome. Moving up the scale, day white and cool white lights are great for helping people feel invigorated and focused. Light on the higher end of the Kelvin scale is often described as bright and crisp. This light is good for task lighting and situations where small objects, or the need to see clear detail, is involved. Finally, lights that illuminate at the high end of the Kelvin scale are ideal for security lighting and display areas as well.

The color temperature of your lighting is just one factor your lighting efficiency specialist from L3BD Lighting Solutions will consider when recommending the best lighting solution for your needs.


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