What is Color Rendering Index?

The color rendering index, or CRI, is a quantitative way for lighting professionals to describe how accurately artificial lighting reproduces colors relative to the sun's natural light. Nothing matches natural light when it comes to rendering colors accurately this is because sunlight contains all of the colors in the visible light spectrum – from safety orange to navy blue. This is why objects placed in sunlight look the best to our eyes.

Sunlight has a value of 100 on the color rendering index. The closer an artificial light can come to a score of 100 the more true-to-life colors will look. The benefits of using a light with a high color rendering index go beyond seeing better colors. Research suggests that there are many benefits to using lights with a high CRI value including increased focus and a better mood.

While no artificial lights are capable of achieving a perfect CRI score of 100, high-end LED lights can achieve CRI scores in the low 90s, with many LEDs achieving CRI scores in the mid-80s. As a point of reference, typical office fluorescent lights only achieved CRI scores in the low to mid-70s.

The CRI score is just one factor your lighting efficiency specialist from L3BD Lighting Solutions will take into consideration when recommending a lighting solution to fit your needs. Contact L3BD Lighting Solutions today for your free on-site consultation.

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