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You look out for your employee’s comfort, but are your lights working against your best efforts to keep them happy and productive?

Improve Employee Satisfaction with LED Lighting

The American Society of Interior Designers found nearly 70 percent of employees are dissatisfied with the lighting in their office. The common problems with office lighting cited by employees are that the lighting is too dim or too harsh.

By bringing LED lighting into your office, you can dial in the right lighting for your employee's needs.

Determining the Best Lighting for Your Office

Study after study confirms that the best office lighting is natural light, but this isn’t always an option. Every space in your office can’t be located near a window, and your business may need to function when the sun isn’t shining. LED lights are an excellent solution. LED lights are the best at recreating the sun’s light and sit perfectly between the warm light employees often describe as “too dim” and the cool white light produced by fluorescent lights which have been linked to eye strain and lack of focus.

Different tasks require different light temperatures and different brightness. Your L3BD lighting consultant will take the time to understand how your employees work and what your business needs are so they can recommend the right LED solution.

LED Lighting from L3BD Lighting Solutions

The ability of LED lights to precisely meet the needs of your office space is one of the many benefits to using LED. Contact L3BD Lighting Solutions today for your free lighting consultation.

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