LED Lighting for Stadiums

Gone are the days of harsh, unpleasant stadium lighting. With LED lights, you can delight fans and give athletes the light the need to play their best.

LEDs are a Favorite for Stadium &
Venue Operators

LED lights offer stadium and venue operators an unmatched level of control over their lighting, allowing them to create lighting shows that highlight athlete introductions, celebrates home-team scores, and entertain during breaks and halftime.

Less Downtime & Fewer Maintenance Costs

LED lights last longer and use less energy, saving you money on both energy and replacement costs. Unlike traditional lights, LED lights won’t change color or fade as they age. This ensures your venue has consistent lighting over the course of your lights.

LED lights achieve peak brightness almost instantly, and should your venue lose power during an event, LED lights will power cycle quickly without needing the 5 to 10 minutes necessary for traditional lighting solutions to return to service.

Stadium LED Lighting from
L3BD Lighting Solutions

If you’re ready to turn your stadium lighting into a valuable asset for your venue, contact L3BD Lighting Solutions today for a free consultation and discover all of the ways LED lighting can make your venue great.



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