LED Lighting for Stores & Retail

You work hard to make sure your store is welcoming, and your products are displayed just right, but is your lighting doing enough to help your store?

The right lighting solution can help drive sales while reducing costs

Showcase Your Products in the Best Light

There’s nothing better than sunlight for making our products look great. Most stores aren’t fortunate to have huge windows which let the sun’s light wash over their entire store; so when natural light isn’t an option, you can turn to LED. Certain LED lights will closely replicate light produced by the sun, without the harmful UV rays that can fade your products and displays. By selecting LED lights which have a high CRI, or color rendering index value, you can ensure your products show true-to-life, vibrant colors.

Get Your Customers to Spend More Time
in Your Store

Great lighting can be used to attract people into your store then help them explore everything you have to offer. Cleverly using spotlights and backlights to compliment your store’s main lighting can guide people around your store. As you well know, the more time a customer spends in your store, the more money they are likely to spend.

Put Your Customers in a Buying Mood

Store owners love LED lights because of their versatility. Use accent lighting to make a statement and use spotlights to draw people down aisles. Use LEDs to create a warm ambiance in one part of your store while using bright LED lights in checkout areas to help your employees see what they’re doing. With LED lights, you can finely tune the lighting in each part of your store to put your customers in a buying mood.

Retail LED Lighting from L3BD Lighting Solutions

If you haven’t thought of your lighting as an important member of your sales team, it’s time to contact L3BD Lighting Solutions to find out how to put your store’s lighting to work. Contact us today for a free lighting consultation.

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